Why You Should Get Winter Moth Treatment

Posted by AllGreen on February 19, 2018

pest control MADuring winter, it’s hard to picture any insect thriving. After all, they have a busy enough period in spring and summer and don’t usually do well in winter. However, there are a few species that still last during winter. Winter moths are one of them. Luckily, AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care has a remedy: moth treatment. As part of our pest control in MA services, we’re proud to offer moth removal. If you’re on the fence about the service, consider what it can provide you and your yard.



Winter moths thrive this time of year

As they grow in spring, winter moths eventually leave their pupae in late fall. By this time, they’re fully-fledged adult insects and have the nutrition and stamina to survive cold winters. To get them under control, you should treat them when they function their best.


Tree damage

Give winter moths a long enough time to settle in, and they’ll eventually nest in trees. Once they make a home in the wood, they can cause plenty of damage. You’ll have a hard time managing your trees if they’re infected or damaged. It’s far better to eliminate the possibility with the help of pest control in MA entirely.


Plenty of eggs

Most insects can lay eggs. Winter moths, though, also carry the responsibility of releasing large amounts of them. Females can lay between 100 and 200 eggs during a season, which means there is a lot to look after and a lot of damage that could occur. Treatment will stop growth and manage the population.



Winter is usually a time for holidays, warm blankets, and chilly weather. The last thing we all think about is any insect threat. However, winter moths are alive and well during this time – which makes pest control in MA all the more essential. To learn more about our pest control services, give AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care a call at (617)-327-5555 (West Roxbury location) or (781)-762-7080 (Norwood location).