AllGreen Lawn Care


Tree & Shrub Care

AllGreen offers professional ornamental tree & shrub care to help maintain and improve your existing landscape. Tree Fertilization through deep root feeding helps relieve stress and promotes healthy growth. Spring or Fall Dormant Oil helps control overwintering insect populations. In-season Insect & Disease Treatments control leaf eating insects and minimizes disease activity.

We offer deep root injection fertilization for ornamental trees and shrubs each spring and fall. A balanced ornamental fertilizer including Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other essential plant nutrients are injected into the root zone soil around each plant. The benefits of well-fertilized ornamentals include improved growth, color and flowering. Healthier, stronger plants are also better […]

From experience and continual training we are able to identify ornamental tree & shrub plants that are most likely to experience problems with common insects and diseases in our area. Our spring and summer inspection and control sprays are designed to control pest problems before they cause damage to your valuable ornamental tree & shrub […]

Broadleaf evergreen trees & shrubs are susceptible to “winter burn” or drying out damage to their leaves through winter. The combination of cold winter winds pulling moisture out of the leaves, and a dormant root system unable to replenish that moisture can cause the browning or death of some or all leaves. While this won’t […]

AllGreen can help save you time and money through expert removal of downed tree branches and limbs. We have the trucks and power saws to cleanup and remove branches from your property quickly and safely. Please use the quick Contact Us form and we will respond about helping you cleanup fallen branches or trees after a storm. […]