Top 5 Ways to Avoid Deer Tick Bites

Posted by AllGreen on April 21, 2017

There is no way to stop ticks and other dangerous insects from existing, but there are preventative Lawn care in MA from AllGreenmeasures you can take to avoid their dangers. Keeping our families and pets safe from these known Lyme Disease carriers should always be a priority during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. AllGreen has some of the best tick control services in MA, and on top of investing in our liquid and granular treatment, we have a few suggestions for avoiding a potential deer tick bites.

Avoid time spent in tall grass and extremely wooded areas

Deer ticks get this nickname from where they can find their preferred host, the white-tailed deer. Commonly, they can be found in wooded areas, such as long hiking trails, or in extremely grassy areas. When possible, dodge these locations to prevent the chances of a bite.

Dress in long sleeves and pants when in these areas

If you are headed into an area known to have deer ticks or any ticks for that matter, dressing appropriately for the environment can be an easy way to help block a tick bite or at least slow down the chances of one occurring.

Be sure to use tick repellent on exposed skin

For the areas of your body that will not be covered by clothes, utilize a tick or insect repellent to further your protection. They create repellents for both humans and animals in case your furry family members join you on your adventure into the woods.

Thoroughly check clothing and skin for ticks after returning indoors

It’s always important when returning from an area where ticks might be present to inspect yourself. Changing your clothes, examining your skin and your animal’s fur is the best way to ensure if a tick did bite, you catch it early enough to avoid causing harm.

Invest in yard treatment

Though you might not be able to control every outdoor area you use in the warmer seasons, you can rest well knowing AllGreen can protect your home with professional tick control services. We will be able to provide tick control in Massachusetts that will keep your family and pets safe from becoming a deer ticks next meal.

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