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AllGreen is a local, family oriented and environmentally conscious lawn care company specializing in Lawn Fertilization since 1999. In AllGreen's regular program, many of our fertilizers used are organic based. Our lawn treatments include lime, weed, crabgrass and grub preventative. We also recommend Core Aerations to break up your soil, making fertilization and watering more efficient.

Fall is the best time for Slice Seeding to break up thatch, avoid conflict with spring pre-emergent weed control, and take advantage of the cool night temperatures. Compost Soil & Seed is recommended for your edges and bare spots. We serve surrounding communities near Westwood, Needham, Dedham, Newton, Brookline, West Roxbury and Norwood.

AllGreen uses only the highest quality granular organic fertilizers applied at the correct rates and timing to promote a thicker, greener, more weed resistant lawn. Our balanced organic lawn care fertilizers are formulated into slow-releasing mixtures to provide longer lasting lawn color throughout the season. It is important to our Massachusetts residents that all products […]

Controlling crabgrass is best achieved by maintaining a thick lawn mowed at a 2 ½” to 3” height and applying a pre-emergent crabgrass control material before crabgrass germination begins in late spring. Our spring fertilization lawn treatment includes this pre-emergent crabgrass control. We can also adjust our lawn care program to apply 2 pre-emergent treatments […]

We highly recommend our preventative grub control treatment. Applied once a year at the correct time, this lawn care service provides year round protection against damaging grub populations which are very common in our area. We also inspect your lawn at each visit for any other turf damaging insect problems and apply corrective lawn treatments as […]

Our soils in this area are naturally acidic on the pH scale of acidic to alkaline. This acidic condition can be reduced by applying limestone on a regular basis. The benefit of this lawn care is that more of the natural nutrients in the soil, which turf grasses need, become more available for their use. […]

AllGreen offers full lawn care aeration and overseeding in MA to help you get maximum growth and coverage throughout your lawn. Lawn aeration is the process by removing plugs or cores of soil and thatching. The holes created by aeration allow organic fertilizers, water, and air to reach deeper into the root zones of your […]

Treating large mulch and open areas with a non-select weed and vegetation control for things like poison ivy, bamboo, etc.