Flea and Tick Prevention

Posted by AllGreen on October 10, 2012

If you own pets or have children that love to play outdoors you may have had issues with fleas and ticks. These pests pose an obvious problem, one of annoyance and disease. Ticks are known carriers of Lyme disease which can pose a great risk to your health. Take these tips to help prevent fleas. Among them are organic and easy lawn care solutions for your Massachusetts home.


Here are some things you can do to keep fleas and ticks away from the outside, before they can reach your pet or you.


The first step is to keep grass trimmed. Don’t cut the grass too short so that it stays healthy and looks nice, but make sure you don’t let it get long enough where ticks can hang on and grab onto you or your clothing. Make sure any tall grass near your lawn is either mowed or separated from your lawn. Ticks especially love to hide in this tall grass because it gets humid and provides protection from the sun.

Tick Hidden in Tall Grass

Trim back bushes so that branches don’t extend out. Ticks love these branches because as their host brushes past they can latch on. Keeping these trimmed also adds a nice ordered look to your yard which can increase its value.

Make sure all piles of debris or leaves are swept away or cleaned up. Don’t leave piles of leaves or sticks on your lawn too long as these provide areas for ticks and fleas to hide. Make sure your porch is clean so animals aren’t tempted to hide on your porch and bring the pests straight to you.

Natural Solutions

Beneficial nematodes can be spread over your lawn. These nematodes will burrow in the ground and seek out flea or tick larvae. They reproduce automatically and one treatment can last three months.

Abrading agents will work to dry out the larvae of fleas and ticks resulting in their death. These agents are good especially when the weather is hot and dry. Rain will wash the agent away.

Safe Areas

Keep heavy play areas such as playgrounds, jungle gyms, or sandboxes, away from shrubs and bushes. Between these areas and thick growth areas try to put wood chips or gravel down to prevent the ticks and fleas from being able to reach the safe zone. Cedar wood chips specifically help with preventing fleas and ticks due to their repellant nature.

Tansy is a plant that naturally repels fleas and ticks but take caution. This does have a low toxin within it and can be harmful to pets or children. Do not use this plant if you have pets or children prone to eating plants.

Be sure to follow these tips and speak with us so we can help you prevent these pests before they get inside your home. For other lawn care services contact our MA lawn care professionals.