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Deer sure are cute, but not in your yard. Here is why you need to consider ways to keep them at bay.

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During these unprecedented times, we want to ensure our customers that our team is taking every precaution to keep safety at the forefront of our service.

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Mosquitos carry more than West Nile and EEE. Here’s a look at a few less known diseases these pests carry and why you need to consider mosquito control today.

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You should be proud of the fact that you’re a property owner. It takes a great deal of determination, hard work and financial savvy to become one. It’s also most likely one of the biggest investments you’re going to make in your lifetime so should be maintained responsibly. At AllGreen, we believe that Massachusetts lawn […]

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When looking forward to those long, sunny days of summer, the last thing anyone wants to dwell on are thoughts of catching a mosquito-borne disease by simply enjoying the comfort of their own lawns. Professional, safe MA mosquito control is a very serious service that we provide at affordable rates. It is a service that […]

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If you live in the Northeast, contracting tick-related illnesses should be a major concern. Out of all 50 states, Massachusetts had the second-highest number of Lyme Disease cases in 2014, with an estimated total of 53,040 cases, making tick control in MA a necessity. If not treated immediately, Lyme Disease can be a debilitating illness, […]

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So we just survived a harsh New England winter. Thankfully, we can finally put aside the snow shovels, snow blowers, salt and other deicers, we can forget the treacherous driving conditions and watch our lawns flourish! It’s such a relief to finally see our once snow-covered lawns growing in green and healthy. As gorgeous as […]

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When it comes to tick control in MA, it seems that the state is overwhelmingly under-funded and that residents have to take matters into their own hands. Most of us are familiar with the tick-borne disease Lyme disease, but there are actually six tick-borne diseases prevalent in MA that can cause a variety of harmful […]

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Having to endure extremely harsh winters is simply a price we have to pay for living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Here in New England, we like to say that we have four distinct seasons (even when winter feels like it lasts half the year) – but winter can really […]