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Mosquito season is coming. Is your family protected from the unknowns of what may lie ahead?

A common lawn disease seen this time of year is known as red thread disease.  The fungal infection earned its name because of the red or pink webbing, or thread, appearance it creates in your lawn.  The thin strands protrude from grass blades and thrive in warm, moisture-rich environments. With regular organic lawn care in […]

Leaf spot is a general term referring to a vast amount of diseases found outdoors this time of year.  Generally located on the foliage of shade and ornamental trees, leaf spot can affect areas of your lawn as well. Also referred to melting-out, leaf spot can destroy an entire lawn if not treated early.  Thus, […]

If you’ve been outside recently, you know that mosquito season has arrived.  With the many rainy days here in New England, this year especially, it’s imperative to take mosquito control in MA serious.  Although many cities have begun their annual pest control routine for public areas, your property is still exposed.  With the expertise of […]

Digitaria, otherwise known as crabgrass, is a species of weed that many New Englanders are familiar with.  Although crabgrass is used as food and beverage in some areas of the world, most people want it removed from their yards permanently.  Providing organic lawn care in Massachusetts, Allgreen Lawn Care offers lawn programs to help reduce, […]

As the wet ground thaws out from the harsh Massachusetts winter, homeowners need to start thinking about the first steps in lawn preparation. Spring is the optimal time for lawn care in MA, but it’s also the time to start MA mosquito control. Allgreen has homeowners covered providing services ranging from organic lawn care to […]

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Ants have made a name for themselves as the proverbial unwelcome guest at picnics. Unwanted pests can infest your lawn and other plants around your landscape. Objects such as old bushes or tree stumps attract biting carpenter ants, and even stinging moths, to colonize in your property. Many people take ant control into their own […]

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Fleas and ticks can be harmful to you, your family, and even your beloved pets that often spend time on your lawn. Animals such as raccoons or possums act as transporters of ticks and fleas to residential areas.  Our services control the spread of pests such as fleas or ticks around lawns all over Massachusetts. […]

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In light of the recent reports of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile Virus (WNV) being found in mosquitoes in Norfolk County, the Westwood Board of Health is reminding residents to be careful to avoid mosquito bites.

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State health officials say West Nile virus has been detected in a mosquito sample for the first time this year.