Benefits of Aeration

Posted by AllGreen on April 7, 2017

With another long winter behind us, it’s time start thinking about the best ways to improve the landscapes Lawn Aeration Massachusettsaround our home. Massachusetts lawn care in is often more than just planting seed or new flowers in our gardens. Though it is often suggested to use aeration during the fall season, early spring is also an excellent time to invest in your yard!

What is aeration?

Aeration is a process of air exchange between the soil and atmosphere that occurs naturally. When your yard is compact, it can suffocate your lawn and lessen the chance of creating vibrant and healthy grass. To help this process, many homeowners will invest in aeration services which involve removing small plugs of the ground’s surface with the aid of a machine.

The holes created by aeration allow water, fertilizer, and air deeper into the soil where the root zones exist. This process quickly improves the impact water and fertilizers have on the health of your lawn, minimize puddling, create stronger roots, stimulate new growth, and enhance climate tolerance all while reducing soil compaction.

Aeration is often suggestions for lawns that have heavy foot traffic or use, are known to dry out easily, was first established by sod, or was a part of a newly constructed home that faced compaction from machinery. It’s ideal to aerate during the cooler seasons, which is often fall or early spring so the grass can heal itself and fill in the plugs.

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